Aura (Large Version) (AW52)

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Aura Large Ice Fairy with Two Winter Wolf Companions Figurine
Embrace the regal beauty of this exquisite Fairy figurine.
Standing with undeniable pride, this majestic Fairy dons a flowing white dress that gracefully cascades down to the rocky floor, accented with fur lining along the neckline.
Adorning her long white hair is a tiara adorned with glistening white diamonds, symbolizing her royal status.
With a gaze of noble disdain, she looks forward with unwavering confidence.
Her icy blue wings unfurl behind her, resembling frozen leaves veiled in a delicate layer of ice, while her commanding presence is emphasized by placing her hands on the heads of two loyal white wolves at her sides.
Crafted with utmost precision, this statuette is meticulously cast in the finest resin and carefully hand-painted, capturing every intricate detail. Immerse yourself in the realm of winter royalty, and let this enchanting figurine reign over your collection.
Experience the epitome of majestic elegance fit for any queen of the winter.