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Blueline Machete (AW155)

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The Anglo Arms Blueline machete looks stunning and has been beautifully crafted with a corded handle which is meticulously bound in black nylon with decorative twists. The Blueline has a long concave blade that tapers to a narrow point and is constructed from 440-grade stainless steel with a full tang and a razor-sharp blade that has an impressive 376mm anodized blue cutting edge and a 13mm hollow grind depth. At just over 3mm thick the spine provides strength and rigidity to make cutting and chopping tasks as efficient as possible.
The 179mm cord bound handle provides the Blueline with plenty of graspable surface area even for the largest of hands and the addition of a wrist strap helps prevent slippage. The stainless steel lower finger guard at 74mm in length means there's substantial hand protection on offer.
The Anglo Arms Blueline machete is supplied with a heavy-duty nylon sheath with a large belt loop and a press stud fastener. The sheath seems are reinforced to eliminate fraying and strengthened with pins to avoid splitting.