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Eastern Dragon Samurai Sword (AW170)

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This high-quality hand forged Eastern Dragon Katana sword looks fantastic with its highly polished lacquered black scabbard with brightly coloured metallic dragon image and black chord sageo (hanging chord).
The double pegged Tsuka is wrapped in black nylon cord, exposing the light ray skin handle liner and decorative handle embellishments. The embossed steel kashira (pommel) with gold highlights has a textured base that completes the overall look of the hilt.
The all-metal guard (Tsuba) is decorated with an embossed swirling pattern and dragon glyphs.
The 27.5" Live (Sharp) blade is made from medium density carbon steel and features a deep bo-hi (Blood-Groove) to provide audible feedback when swung correctly. Also present is a prominent wire brushed Hamon line making the sword an incredible display piece.