Elder (Cosplay Foam) Skyrim Sword (AW810)

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Cosplay Foam LARP Sword

Crazy about Skyrim? Well, the Skyrim style Daedric Sword for Role playing (LARP) is for you! Transfer your role playing excitement from the Skyrim game into the real world with this exquisite Sword.

This skyrim style sword developed on 2014s game, as you can see from the detail pictures, the blade of sword have ornate engraved decorations , the guard carved in excellent detail as well. It is a top collection for the Skyrim Lovers.

These swords are made for durability and have a thick blade with an inner core for strength and durabilty. So they can take a good beating and are very hard to bend or snap!

Flawless painting and style on this sword makes the show come alive in your hand!
This sword is multi-purpose! It can be mounted on the wall or held in your hand!

Ideal for LARP, Cosplay, Theatrical Plays, Movie Props or as a Practice Weapon
Extremely Well Balanced
Incredibly Detailed Appearance
Made from High Quality Composite Foam
Fibre Glass Core for Strength