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Stealth (Set of 3) Throwing Knives (AW962)

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A 3 piece set of heavyweight, chain effect black throwing knives with a symmetrical design and well balanced weighting.
The Anglo Arms 757, Stealth throwing knife set is a heavyweight 3 piece knife set that's great for beginners or advanced knife throwers. Constructed from a single 3mm thick 440 grade stainless steel sheet each knife is almost nine inches in length with an 4.2" spear blade length and a 4" handle.

Each knife in this set has been treated with a dark back oxide coating and printed with an eye-catching embossed chain link design. For specific throwing requirements, the four balancing holes allow for the addition of weights so that knives can be custom balanced.

The Stealth throwing knife set includes a high-density black nylon sheath with three individual knife pockets. The sheath is reinforced with a stitched nylon edging strip and steel rivet in addition to the velcro securing strap and a large belt loop.