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Hiro Nakamura (HEROES) Samurai Sword (AW177)

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This sword represents average people discovering super-human abilities.
Made from a solid 24 inch length of High Carbon Steel with excellent attention to detail this sword faithfully captures the essence of the Heroes TV show.
The Tsuka (Handle) is made from wood wrapped in attractive Faux Leather over Japanese Rayskin and gold ornament.
The Carbon Steel blade is then double pegged in securely with bamboo pins to ensure safety during use. As an added touch, this blade features a wire brushed faux hamon line.

This sword comes with alloy 'Sun-Burst' Tsuba (Guard), glossy black wooden Saya (Scabbard) with carry strap.

Blade Material CarbonSteel
Blade Length 607mm
Handle Length 493mm
Handle Material Faux Leather and Polymer
Overall Length 1100mm