Howl - Ruth Thompson (AW920)

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Weight: 2.7250 Kg 
Primary Colour: Red 
Secondary Colour: Yellow 
This twisted take on Little Red Riding Hood.
Walking barefoot on the forest floor, this woman stands tall, her long red cloak open to reveal a tight red dress.
It extends to the floor, but is split open to the thigh, revealing a leg bearing tribal tattoos as she strides forward.
Her fierce face is framed by long platinum blonde hair, and her arms are covered in black leather elbow-length gloves.
Two wolves emerge from beneath her cloak as the rest of the pack prowls nearby, looking cautiously around.
A great subversion of a classic fairytale, this figurine is cast in high quality resin before being carefully hand-painted, and is a wonderful way to warn others that your pack is to be feared.