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Intrepid (3.6") Knife (AW89)

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The Anglo Arms Intrepid is a compact fixed blade tanto knife that has many applications for military personnel and survivalists. The Intrepid's non-reflective 440-grade stainless steel razor sharp blade has a total cutting length of 89mm with an 8mm v-grind depth and a 2mm spine. The swedge on the blade, upper and lower finger guard and jimping adds to the Intrepid's rugged design whilst allowing for multiple holding styles.
The Anglo Arms Intrepid knife benefits greatly from a meticulously woven nylon cord handle. There are many benefits to the use of nylon in the handle construction which far extend the good levels of grip provided, the nylon cord can be useful for many survival applications, tying, hanging, strapping to creating spears for protection and hunting.
A good knife sheath should be secure and offer unrestricted access whilst protecting the blade which is why the Anglo Arms Intrepid is supplied with a high-density nylon sheath with a stitched belt loop, two leg strap securing holes, a front pocket containing a ferrocerium rod (for fire lighting) and velcro securing strap.