Iron Throne (Journal) - Game of Thrones (AW1210)

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 The top layer of this journal is the Game of Thrones title. Appearing as it does on the beginning credits of the series, it features the stag, lion, wolf and dragon at each intersection of the circular belt that the name is laid on.
The 4 house Sigils also appear again at each corner of the cover linked by studs travelling down each edge.
Beneath this lies an image of the most iconic object throughout the series, The Iron Throne.
Allegedly forged from the swords of those that surrendered to Aegon the Conqueror.
Inside the front and back covers there is a copy of the Westeros map, printed on the same high-quality paper that can be found throughout the journal.
This stunning piece will arrive to your customer in a fabric sleeve protected by a black and copper decorative presentation box, adding to its sophisticated look.