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Kukri Machete 20.75" (AW1229)

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A large, sturdy kukri Stainless Steel Machete.
The Anglo Arms, Kukri, is a large drop point fixed blade knife similar to those typically used by Gurkhas. The Anglo Arms Kukri is constructed from 440 stainless steel with a full tang and a razor-sharp concave blade that utilizes a 343mm cutting edge with a 13mm v-grind and generous 4mm spine. The knife includes seven blood grooves (holes) milled into the blade which helps reduce the front end weight without compromising the strength and integrity of the blade.

The Kukri's hard wearing indian rosewood handle has been ergonomically designed for maximum grip and secured firmly by three large diameter stainless steel rivets.

The Anglo Arms, kukri is supplied with a rigid black nylon sheath with a large belt loop, a velcro fastening strap and an upper seem which includes a large velcro section to allow the blade to be removed from the sheath with ease.

(0.85 58x11x5)