Le Mat Revolver Civil War Revolver (AW1110)

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Le Mat Revolver American Civil War 1860

Denix replica of the revolver widely used by Confederate forces during the American Civil War.
Confederate Le Mat Revolver The Le Mat Revolver is a French two-barrel 10-shot percussion cap pistol purchased under direct contract of the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

The unique feature of this pistol is the two barrels: one conventional .42 caliber serving the nine-shot cylinder, and the other, centered on the cylinder’s axis, made for firing buckshot.
Jean-Alexandre Le Mat's revolver design was produced in both pistol and rifle form.

The nine-chambered cylinder revolved around not a pin but a second, unrifled barrel, which was charged from the muzzle with pellets.
The hammer had a hinged extension to its nose, which could be angled up or down to fire either barrel.

Height: 37cm
Width: 5cm
Depth: 17cm
Weight: 1.54kg
Colour: Silver, Black,
Material: Plastic, Zamec,