Mare's Leg (Winchester) Rifle (AW1782)

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Carbine Mares Leg Denix Replica
Cut Down Winchester 1892
A model 1892 Winchester rifle/carbine that has been cut down so it can be used as a pistol, these conversions are called the "Mare's leg" or "Mare's Laig".
This unique looking Winchester was made famous by Steve McQueen in the 1960's TV series "Wanted Dead or Alive" where he played Josh Randall.

The cut down M1892 Winchester held 6 shots of 44.40 calibre rounds, the barrel and the stock was cut down.
When the barrel is cut down the front sight is lost so most cut downs conversions also remove the rear sight as sights are not required as the gun is used as a point and shoot weapon.
Cut down Winchesters can also been seen in the Western film "The Magnificent Seven", the futuristic films "Zombieland" (Woody Harrelson) and "Serenity".
The replica 1892 Winchester cut down carbine features:
Working under lever action.
Made from metal with wood stock.
Full working action, so when you pull the lever down this will cock the hammer.
Trigger can be fired.
Will not load bullets.
Large loop lever.
Overall length 50cm.