Mortal Kombat Tankard (AW398)

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Mortal Kombat Tankard
From the best-selling fighting game series Mortal Kombat.
 Featuring the franchise’s ionic “Elder God” dragon logo.
Seemingly suspending the logo in place are the chains associated with Scorpion’s Kunai.
The series title “Mortal Kombat” is embossed around the rim of the tankard. Beneath, blood drips down onto the logo. Trapped below are the skulls of former tournament combatants.
The handle is formed from the emergence of the Elder God as it moves through a billow of flame and smoke.
Cast in the highest quality resin, this Mortal Kombat Tankard Is the perfect addition to any store that specialises in gaming and pop-culture collectibles.
Please Note: This product is hand-painted. Each product may have slight differences in appearance.