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Multi Colour Throwing Knife Set of 12 (AW1246)

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A set of 12 throwing knives.
The set includes 2 x red, blue, silver, black, green and gold knives all nicely presented in a case.
The Anglo Arms 900, multi-coloured throwing knife set contains twelve miniature throwing knives in 6 colours; green, silver, black, red, yellow and blue. Constructed from a single 3mm thick 440 grade stainless steel sheet each knife is almost six inches in length with an 87mm spear blade length and a 69mm handle. Each knife in this set has a tightly wound black nylon cord handle and a large eyelet for easy retraction.

The multi-coloured throwing knife set includes a high-density black nylon carry case with twelve individual knife pockets. The sheath is reinforced with a stitched nylon edging strip and black zip fastener.

Weight: 130g,4.59oz
Overall Length: 150mm,5.91 inches
Blade Length: 80mm,3.15 inches