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Shalamayne (WOW) Sword (AW387)

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Shalamayne is a legendary sword, the result of two night elven blades, Shalla'tor and Ellemayne, that were magically fused.
Once wielded by Varian Wrynn, former King of Stormwind, it is now carried by his son and successor, Anduin Wrynn.
Replica of Varian Wrynn's transforming Shalamayne greatsword from the video game World of Warcraft. the current King of Stormwind.
Stainless Steel. 112cm.
Can be disassembled and transformed into two swords, Ellemayne the Reaver and Shalla'tor the Shadow Render, like in the series.
Comes with wooden display stand.
Material: Stainless steel blade
Length: 112 cm / 44 Inches
Weight: 6 kg
Comes with wall mount display plaque