Sigil (GOT) Tankard (AW48)

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Officially licensed Game of Thrones Merchandise.
The body of this tankard is covered in intricate silver filigree patterns, forming 5 arches shaped like cathedral windows.
In each, there is the sigil and motto of one of the great houses – the dragon of the Targaryens, the kraken of the Greyjoys, the stag of the Baratheons, the dire wolf of the Starks and the lion of the Lannisters.
Above each is a slender heptagram with a red jewel in the centre, representing the light of the Seven – almost as if the arches are cathedral windows.
The handle curves out from the body between the Lannister and the Targaryen sigils, black and wrapped in gold chains.
The top is sheathed in iron, enveloped by a gold pattern.
Removable stainless-steel insert.