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Stargazer - Anne Stokes (AW1176)

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Stargazer sits upon a crystal encrusted rock formation staring off into the distance, while holding her crystal ball.

This Fantasy figurine comes from the enchanted imagination of world-famous Fantasy artist Anne Stokes.
A young violet haired Fairy sits on a tall rock formation, covered in large crystals. A crystalline crown sits atop her head, while her large glacial wings are spread behind her, catching the moonlight. She sits naked, only covering her modesty with a purple piece of fabric draped around her.
In her right hand she holds a crystal ball, using this along with the stars to choose her path. Cast in high-quality resin before being painstakingly hand-painted, this enchanting figurine is fantastic for those who wish to find their way in the darkness
Material: Resin.
Size: 23cm approx.
Weight: 0.75kg approx.