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Survival (Anglo Arms) Knife Set (AW8)

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The Anglo Arms Survival Set is a very collectible 4 piece knife set containing a fixed blade survival knife, folding cutlery pen knife set, wire saw and ferro rod.

Intrepid Fixed Blade Knife
The Anglo Arms Intrepid is a compact fixed blade tanto knife that has many applications for military personnel and survivalists. The Intrepid's non-reflective 440-grade stainless steel razor sharp blade has a total cutting length of 89mm with an 8mm v-grind depth and a 2mm spine.

Cutlery Set
This fantastic pen knife style cutlery set includes a teaspoon, three-pronged fork, large blade, bottle and can opener.

Wire Saw
Ideal for quickly cutting through branches this pocket-sized wire saw can be taken anywhere so it's perfect for camping, day trips or long expeditions.

Ferrocerium Rod
A handy tool used by survivalists and other outdoor enthusiasts to quickly start a fire even when wet. The rod also incorporates an emergency whistle in it's compact design.