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Tomahawk A.C. (AW388)

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The axe bit is an ornate replica from the game made of stainless steel, with a factory edge.
It is unsharpened and is outfitted well with a hardwood peg to secure the axe bit and pole shaft together. Real suede leather hide wraps around the handle, making a solid grip for displaying the savagery of those who cross Conner.
The feather tassel is real bird feather, and the beads are wooden.
Comes with a very high quality hardwood display stand.
The stand fits together with dovetail tongue and groove and is a natural cut of select hardwood covered in polyurethane to show the true wood grain.

Overall Length: 15 Inches
Bit Length: 7.5 Inches
Bit Width: 3 Inches
Blade Bit: Stainless Steel, Unsharpened, Angled Edge
Handle: Hardwood, Pegged, 1.5 Inches Thick
Grip: Genuine Suede Rawhide Wrapped
Features: Real Feather & Beads Tassel
Hardwood Display Stand