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Valour Snow Globe - Anne Stokes (AW469)

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From the imagination of world renowned Gothic and Fantasy artist Anne Stokes, this Snow Globe is inspired by her Valour Artwork and.

Within the globe a warrior stands in front of an ornate red stained glass window, she stands commandingly.

Dressed in elaborate armour she has a mythical Dragon companion draped over her shoulder, wings spread wide behind her.

Steadying the Dragon with her right hand, she grasps a sword in her left, asserting herself.

Holding the globe in place is a medieval turret decorated with silver swords. Within the turret a silver dragon rests atop a red carpet.

Perfect for any mantelpiece or coffee table, this Snow Globe is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to shake a little mythological magic into their life.

(1.25kg 31x21x16)