Wolf Lock Knife Heavyweight Style (AW1148)

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A heavy weight lock knife with a wolf in an aggressive stance on both sides of the handle.
The Anglo Arms Wolf is a heavy and decorative drop point locking knife that would look good in any collection. The 90mm long spring lock blade is adorned with paw prints and constructed from high quality 440-grade stainless steel. The sweeping drop point blade has minimal flex whilst the 15mm v-grind and 2mm thick spine will see through even the toughest jobs.

The Anglo Arms Wolf locking knife has a black stonewash finish that flows through the chassis. High quality 440 stainless steel is used throughout the chassis construction and is robustly held together with torx screws to provide easy maintenance and cleaning.

At almost 5" the Wolf's handle provides a substantial amount of grip. The highly decorative embossed handle blade design depicts an attacking wolf, this stunning design provides the Wolf locking knife with a large forefinger groove and organic recesses for the remaining fingers. The Wolf's balance point sits behind the forefinger groove which gives the user a heightened level of control over the blade. A rear mounted sprung belt clip provides ease of access with total carrying convenience.