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Woodland Neck Knife (AW226)

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The Anglo Arms 454, Woodland neck knife, ticks all the right boxes when it comes down to looks, features and quality. The 454 is a compact knife for any modern day adventurer, this handy travel companion boasts a very well made non-reflective full tang tanto bladed knife produced from 440-grade stainless steel. The 454's razor-sharp blade has an impressive length of 61mm with a 17mm high flat grind depth. The 3.5mm thick spine has two jimping areas to provide a solid gripping surface for the thumb or forefinger depending on the holding style or cutting technique being used.
The Anglo Arms 454 utilizes micarta in the handle construction, secured in place with hollow steel inserts which allow the knife to be bound to a branch to create a spear. The handle blades have a rocky texture that not only looks great but it also offers excellent grip and wear over the lifetime of the knife. A 5mm lanyard hole is situated at the rear of the handle. Top Tip: The option of adding nylon cord will artificially increase the handle length and is worth considering if the user has a larger hand size.
The 454's tough ABS polymer sheath includes a selection of features essential for surviving the wilderness. The front-mounted compass will keep you heading in the right direction, whereas the mirror located on the underside of the compass can help signal your position. The sheath also includes a knife sharpening rod and a ferrocerium rod for starting fires. The 454's sheath has four reinforced holes, ideal for strapping the knife to a belt, arm or leg.