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Wrist Grip Sling Shot (AW192)

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The Anglo Arms T1 is a great hunting or target shooting slingshot.
The T1 packs a powerful punch and utilises surgical grade latex tubing to deliver a powerful strike.
The T1 design incorporates a folding wrist support that is both convenient for storage or transporting but also essential for unleashing the T1's true potential.

The T1 is made from only the highest grade materials including stainless steel for the frame, tough ABS polymers for the handle assembly and wrist support, latex for the elastic and leather for the projectile pocket.
Anglo Arms Slingshot Ammo are produced from high-quality stainless steel and precision polished to a high tolerance for higher airflow.
Each pack contains 30 individual 9.5mm, 2 gram steel balls which can be used with all makes and models of slingshots.